Five Things I Learnt From Photographing Toddlers!

Updated: May 25, 2019

Taking pictures of your dearest toddler doesn't need to be a frustrating guessing game. Believe it or not, sharp focus and a prolonged photo session can be achieved. Remember the following five ideas and you may return home with a few more Instagram worthy keepers.

1. Increase Shutter Speed

A slow shutter speed will inevitably cause motion blur. I try not to set my shutter speed below 1/800 of a second. However, this is all dependent on your child's similarity to Usain Bolt. If your photos are still a blur, then I would suggest a further increase to the shutter speed. Alternatively, see point two below.

2. Shallow Depth of Field Sacrifice

Shooting at a low f-stop or aperture such as f/1.2 etc, might give you that creamy bokeh and looks great when you time that perfect shot. However, remember that increasing the aperture will increase the focus plane. More of the shot will then be in focus at the expense of a little less background blur.

3. Run, Run, Run

I strongly suggest that your toddler/s run around before you start shooting. Their attention span is limited, and they "may" be more inclined to follow instruction and sit still for a second or two. Taking a break and letting them run around again during the shoot may help expel some more energy if required.

4. Factor in Nap Time and Witching Hour

A well-rested toddler will provide more giggles and broad smiles, simple. As for witching hour, we all know that time of day when our little angel's turn to the "dark side".

5. Bring a Few Toys

Toys may serve multiple purposes. Drawing a toddler's attention with their favourite soft toy held above the lens works wonders. Toys may serve as a great prop and some shy toddlers may be more willing to step in front of the camera if they see their favourite toy survive having its photo taken.

Above everything else, try make the session as much fun for the little ones as you can.

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